Borrower Insurance .


It is a personal insurance that protects the borrower's life from accident, health, physical harm, or permanent disability. This makes the borrower unable to pay, including compensation. VTI will refund the customer in accordance with the terms of the agreement


Borrower Insurance

- Government Loan employee credit or other personal loansMaximum cover 100,000,000 LAK
- Died from an accident, murder or assaultPay 100% of the outstanding balance
- Death due to health (except: sickness before purchasing insurance)Pay 100% of the outstanding balance
Permanent disability prevents them from working normally.Pay 100% of the outstanding balance
- Severance pay (except discipline)The maximum repayment period is six months, but no more than 30% of outstanding balance.
- Accident treatment (unlimited number of times per yearMaximum 500,000 LAK/time
- Death benefit (In the event of immediate accidental death: death due to health after more than 90 days of this contract.)500,000 LAK